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Buy prepared

A lot of household waste is a result of irrational purchases. These purchases happen when there's a lack of organization, or, as seen recently, when there's panic.  Panic buying is a pandemic that has an unfortunate herd effect-- it's enough to see the toilet paper isle empty to forget what you have in your storage at home. Unilever, being an essential household name, is taking a stand. Through the new app, StockBlock, you will know exactly how much is 'enough', based on your household type and consumer index position. Updated to your local grocery store's stock supply, you can rest assured to see there is enough of everything. Check the number of items in your pantry, freezer, and storage, at a glance, track your monthly progress, and save time (and money) by organizing your shopping trips! StockBlock is the ideal shopping partner, helping you shop calm and buy prepared. 

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