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Scrolling kills

Burger king delivery | STUNT | D&AD Newblood 2020

88% of millennials can’t eat without scrolling. The numbers increase horrifically when looking at their digital-native, Gen-Z counterparts. We’re so deep in our tech addiction, we don’t realize how much we prioritize our screens over our food. For starters, people publicly admit they won’t touch their food until they found the right kind of content to engage in. Screens distract from the eating process, alleviating your ability to feel full and numbing your taste buds all together. The food that gets subjected to and "killed" by this kind of treatment is often the food that gets delivered. Burger King is a firm believer that all its efforts to provide a high-quality meal can be tasted, and should be tasted. In this stunt campaign for the Burger King delivery service, Burger King will go up against its biggest threat and rival: scrolling. Targeting those with an abnormal screen time, Burger King will turn the delivery experience into a personalized (temporary) funeral for screens, making Burger King taste better at home, without changing anything!

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