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Get to the bottom of it!

Hellmann's | STUNT | COLLAB WITH Robert Peterson

One of the most ignored causes of food waste comes from the residue in containers that people fail to clean out. After all, the satisfyingly-full new jar of mayonnaise is priceless compared to working your way to a spoonful. The problem isn't caused by the packaging itself, but by the people. There's no motivation to do it.  Hellmann's has created a new beginning for the ends of their jars. The satirical murder-mystery series called The Assaucination is a split-perspective web series, unlocking an 'episode' whenever someone finds the code at the bottom of their Hellmann's jar. The premise follows four sauce-based plane crash survivors, and the murder of the fifth, representing 'flavor'. Every code scanned makes an impact for everyone watching the show; it's a team effort. The more people clean their jars, the more likely they'll be to get to the bottom of it!  

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