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About Me

My biggest flaw is that I don't think small. Like the 2 of Spades, both my sides are small but mighty. 


The stories the ordinary conceals fascinated me for a lifetime. I seek to bring those to life through my writing, art, and advertising. My whimsical attention to detail is always hungry for a challenge, and my work ethic always follows through.

Whipped cream aside, I am a "bad jelly donut", born in Romania, raised in Austria, and educated by the USA. When I'm not advertising, writing, or designing, I'm probably cooking, practicing Taekwondo, or chasing white rabbits down rabbit holes I can use in my campaigns. All while, somehow, being stalked by the number two.

My superpower is turning maybes into willbes, because what tomorrow has in store is more exciting than today. The waiting just makes me curiouser, and curiouser...


Powered by Heart Vs. Brain

The reason why I'm a dual creative hybrid is why my heart and brain haven't divorced yet. They have been married for over two decades, yet they still don't always get along. Their ravishing fights sometimes spur the most unexpected ideas, other times it's their harmony that takes the toll.


Sometimes they trade places, filling my chest with exactitude and drive, and my head with irreverence.  You can find a small piece of each in everything I make because 2 always works harder than 1.  

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side 2.png
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